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Acrylic Wall Vases (FOUR STYLES)

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The most joyful wall vases to truly make your home as unique as you are! Available in four styles. Fill with your favorite fun florals (or even use it as a container for other items!) and put them on display. Mounting screw included. 

NOTE: Only Watermelon and Smiley vases are able to stand up right on a flat surface. Strawberry and Daisy vases must be mounted to the wall using the included screw.

Daisy Dimensions: 17" L x 17" W x 2.75" D

Smiley Dimensions: 7" L x 7" W x 2.75" D

Strawberry Dimensions: 5.9" W x 2.75" D x 11" H

Watermelon Dimensions: 8.6" W x 2.75" D x 11" H